Beware who you hire

Hiring neighbors and friends. I know a business owner who hired his neighbor because she said she could do his website. She created a Squarespace website and charged him for doing so. I know the site and use it as a poor example of a website.  The owner, neighbor he hired and friend taking it... Continue Reading →

Why use a web consultant? (Part 3)

Questions, questions, questions. Read part 1 and part 2 if you have not yet. So many questions and I just want a simple website that will allow me to advertise my business and attract customers. Everything be so complicated, why? If you think this is something you have time for while running your business, please... Continue Reading →

Why use a web consultant?

Why do I need a web consultant when everyone says I can do it myself? “Did I go to a professional when I ??? or did I do it myself?” I know that you can create a website on your own with tools like and That is fine if that is what you... Continue Reading →

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